**LUCROSA** Thank you for your PAYMENT


Dear xxxxxxxxxxx Thank your for your payment! Your account is now ready and funded. Your Reference Transaction: Payment Date      : April 15, 2017 Receipt Number   : BR4597OO3211I5KS10 Payment Amount  : USD 6,230.88 Payment Status : Paid >> View The Details Of This Payment Here Should this not be you, please contact us Kind Regards Lucrosa Billing Team http://migre.me/wrxxn ($15,000 Sign-in Bonus)   Versandadresse der Spammail: Versandadresse: admin@itsascoop.com   Verlinkung in der Spammail: In der Mail wird auf diese Url verlinkt: trulix.co/ordernow/1805x432x713x083 -> lucrosa.biz/?offerID=xxxxx&p=11x8379x4943x13&p1=x&p2=ordernow   Inhaberdaten der verwendeten Domain(s): trulix.co lucrosa.biz…

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